Design and Build

Design & Build in Peyia

Build your own home
Over the past three years, we’ve helped many people find their dream home in the Cyprus. Some people have bought homes from known and reputable developers, others have bought land and had respected builders oversee the design and build of their homes. We are not an estate agent or land seller BUT we know the great people who are and will happily introduce you to them.

Without question, a great way to get value for money, is to  choose a piece of land ; work with our friendly architect to design your home, to your individual tastes – then get one of the best, most cost effective builders in the area, to build for you!

Examples of buying land and building prices include:

  • 3 bed, all ensuite with private pool – Coral Bay region from 393,000 Euros
  • 4 bed, all ensuite with private pool – Peyia Village from 427,000 Euros
  • Village location, 3 bed, all ensuite with private pool, from 299,000 Euros

Whilst there is a lot of building going on in and around the Coral Bay region, there are still some good pieces of land to be found. Whether in the village of Peyia or down closer to the resort of Coral Bay itself – or maybe closer to the mountains, locals are selling land for reasonable (and sometimes, not so reasonable!), prices. As we live here and know many, many of the local families, it is easier for us to find out exactly who is selling the land and to talk to them direct. This saves time – and, more importantly, saves you money.

Designing your home:
There is something very special about designing your Cyprus home in the style you’d really like. With design and build, you are able to have total say in the shape and style of your home, so don’t have to settle for anything you don’t like – as long as you stick to your budget of course! Design and build offers you more for your money!

The Builder:
We’ve completed design and build projects which we can take you to see, so you can see the quality and value for money first hand! The builder we use is a recognised expert on the island but isn’t allied to anyone large company, so is able to be flexible and independent – listening to you not having to be part of a larger organisations styles/demands.

The key things we’ve found with every project is that:

  • the whole process is emotional and can be filled with difficulties
  • the people buying need to be kept TOTALLY informed, regularly – especially if they don’t live on Cyprus
  • life happens and things can go wrong: but handling them honestly and properly is the only way to go
  • There are some excellent bargains – and some completely unviable properties on the market
  • The key is what you want the house for eg to live in or to use as a rental investment

Working with one of the key local solicitors in Paphos, a great local architect and a selection of known and trusted builders, we’ve been able to ensure that our clients are looked after and get maximum value for money. We aren’t connected to any one builder so don’t favour anyone or another. We want great rental properties for our portfolio so wouldn’t mislead anyone into buying something that we don’t believe will rent eg by being in an area which may be pretty but isn’t viable in terms of rental.

Why work with us?
We’ve been through the process ourselves – and have helped others to go through it. We know how important it is for you to get what you want, how you want it and when you want it – so we do all we can to look after you!

We also live here in the area where you may build – so its important to us that we have great relationships with our local Cypriot hosts, friends and neighbours – and you’ll be one of those neighbours once your property is completed!

Plus, we know without question, that design and build offers you the BEST value for money – and that is what you’ll be looking for in the longterm!

And finally:
In a nutshell, if you are thinking of buying, please do talk to us for an independent view on how much you are looking to spend/where and why. We’ll be nothing but honest – and if we cannot help you, we’ll know a man who can.

Complete design, build, furnish and rental package:
Of course, if we can help you and you are happy with what we can offer, we can also help by offering full turnkey furnishing packages, designed to your budget and including everything you’ll need to either live in or rent out , the property.

Once complete and furnished, we’ll also offer you a property management and rental service too – just ask for details then decide whether or not to trust us to look after you and your property.

Dos and don’ts: (Just a few to consider)…….

  • Don’t buy offplan and on a longterm rental income guarantee UNLESS you are sure you can rent the property after the guarantee expires. Rather than take the rental guarantee, get the discount up front.
  • Do put some penalty clauses into any purchase contract: timing never goes according to plan!
  • Don’t ever book your new home out for rental – or for you- until it is completely finished/furnished and insured.
  • Do take into consideration that your home needs to be looked after and maintained when you are not here.
  • Don’t give any money to anyone for building/design until you have a legal contract
  • Do get a survey of the land before you buy and check that planning permission is in place.
  • Do remember that you’ll need approx 8% of the purchase price for furnishings/soft furnishings
  • Don’t take anything at face value: get a great solicitor to check everything properly. The law is Cyprus is a little different to the UK!

Finally, do it – we’d recommend it – but do it properly! Its worth it. Why not ring us on 00 357 26 623342 or email us for further information. We are happy to have an informal chat with you and share some real experiences of design and build.