About Us

Beautiful Peyia

This formation of this website and the company within which it belongs, has been a labour of love for us . We live in the village of Peyia and have done for many years. Sharing the village with holiday guests, is a huge pleasure! We love the village  and adore the mix of colour and “old meets new” way of living. Inspite of the huge growth in number of homes here and new shops being opened, nothing can take away the real charm of this lovely haven set just west of Paphos en route to the Akamas Peninsular.

Peyia, sometime spelt “Pegeia” (the “g” is silent – which cannot be said for the locals!), the village is thought to have taken its name from the Venetians, who named the closest small harbour to the village, “Bahai”.  Cypriots pronounce the “P” as a soft “B” and say their village name proudly… more about the village later!!

We’ve been coming to the area of the Peyia Municipality for over 25 years and love the whole way of life! Challenged by the “old traditions” which means there are ways to do things and ways definitely not to, we’ve spent many years building up a holiday rental and property management business whose head office now sits proudly on the main road into Peyia. Our neighbours change regularly but we’ve got tavernas, a bakery and even a chippy, on our doorstep. Our offices are on the corner, in the old bakery premises – and we still get the older Cypriots calling in to buy their ‘Psonmi” – bread!

The Peyia Municipality includes Coral Bay and its many beaches, the Sea Caves area and the start of the Akamas Peninsular, with Turtle Beach – and the famous Last Castle Taverna. Peyia really does have something for everyone! We love living here and enjoy seeing nature at its finest. Every month offers its unique beauty and everyday is special in a village filled with warm and friendly people.

What else to say : Just that we care passionately about Peyia; about our holiday guests; about our villa owners and about giving you the best holiday we can, at the best price in the best area! Not too hard a challenge when you look through our website!